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The second update I want to talk about is Last activity.

A parameter that probably no one else has. This is not because it is difficult to add or unnecessary. In fact, it is practically impossible for most competitors to calculate it. Competitors obtain information on the activity of a foundation or startup when the startup or foundation updates information in its profile. And this happens at the most once every six months. Someone goes to the profile and adds all the changes they have made in that time. Even if you count on mentioning a startup in the press, very few people have that information; those who have it are either taken from the startup itself (the person goes there once every six months and adds a bunch of mentions) or through search. If you use search, the number of mistakes is very high. There are a lot of identical names of startups.

Our tracking technology works in a fundamentally different way, allowing us to monitor information about a fund or startup every day directly from the source. We install trackers on the websites of foundations, startups, media sites, blogs, and social media pages.

Why can’t others do that? Because trackers are installed either automatically or within 2 minutes by a person without technical knowledge. We don’t need programmers or highly paid specialists to do this. We have an analyst who is more than 50 years old and at his computer he used to open social networks at most. He does a great job of setting up trackers on the fund’s websites and we get information about the fund’s portfolio in a structured way every day. Simply put, it’s ten times faster and ten times cheaper for us than for others.

So every day we get information about news, press mentions, changes in the fund’s portfolio, the startup’s pivot, and much more. Now this information is already a great indication of the activity of a startup or fund. And today we added it to our data dump. Already available to clients.

PS Most of existing databases consists of 90% of dead funds and startups, so size doesn’t matter)) And by the way funds come and go at almost the same rate as startups. Plus most of the companies that register as funds are just consultants.

Examples of the data here

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