№1 Big data update Valuation of startups – Parsers VC


It’s time for a big update of the parameters, or rather to add new ones. And today this parameter is Valuation of startups.

We have installed our trackers on several thousand media sites and blogs. Every day we receive hundreds of new articles with information about new startups and rounds. While information about rounds is quite common in our sphere, information about company valuations is extremely rare. You can count on the fingers the companies that provide this information.

And so, we finished the algorithm that collects information on valuations of startups. Our clients have already received the new Valuation parameter in the new dump. You can also see the new field in the demo data.

We’re still doing comparisons, but even on a preliminary basis, we’re collecting more Valuation data than our competitors. And we still have to tune the trackers to collect the news about Valuation. As well as the introduction of a new algorithm for finding and indexing news resources. This will allow us to increase the number of collected news tenfold.

Examples of the data here

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