№5 Big data update Funds Raised Parsers VC

And the last update at this point is the size of the funds that the VCs themselves have raised. The size of venture capital.

This is a specific thing and, again, not many people have it. In fact, we haven’t found any known aggregators that have this information at all. If you know such aggregators and tell us, that would be great.

Probably not everyone knows that the work of venture capital companies is a little different than it seems at first glance. They, too, attract investments, and the size and direction of that attracted fund is regulated. That is, the fund could invest in stage A, and then raise a separate fund under stage Seed. So it’s better to look not at the overall direction of the venture capital firm, but at the directions and stages of its individual funds.

And so, everything is in the database. You can look at the demo access

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