Data export


Data Export API allows you to get all data without coding against the REST API. The data is stored in tables, which are connected using foreign key identifiers (like in a relational database). Each table is stored as a separate .csv or .json files, and is updated every morning.

The data export contains the following files:

  • startups (demo: .json |.csv ) - Startups data available on
  • funds (demo: .json |.csv ) - Funds data available on
  • investments (demo: .json |.csv ) - Fund's portfolio data available on
  • fundingRounds (demo: .json |.csv ) - Details for funding round in dataset.
  • news (demo: .json |.csv ) - Details of news published on the fund's websites and news portals
  • fundingRound_partners (demo: .json |.csv ) - Companies who are related to funding rounds
  • fund_news (demo: .json |.csv ) - News published on the fund's websites
  • fund_references (demo: .json |.csv ) - News with fund references
  • startup_references (demo: .json |.csv ) - News with startup references
  • fundingRound_references (demo: .json |.csv ) - News related to Funding Rounds
  • startups_applications (demo: .json |.csv ) - Information about published applications on various platforms
  • persons (demo: .json |.csv ) - Persons data available on
  • persons_experience (demo: .json |.csv ) - Persons experiences.

You can use the links above to download a export for Demo funds. The sample contains records related to 19 demo funds.
Access to full dataset file links require authorization similar to all other API methods. For details, please visit our Authentication page 


GET{file name}/?format=[json(default)|csv]
Authorization: Bearer {your-auth-token} or query string parameter