Update May 9, 2024:

Added Persons type - Investor. A person who has identified himself as an investor.

Update Sep. 8, 2023:

Added Person data to data export

Update May 9, 2023:

Added a new data type Person. It stores data about employees of companies, startup founders, teams of venture funds divided into positions and levels (C-level, D-level, V-level etc.). First Name, Last Name, Location, Contact details, Related Location, Work experience etc.

Update Sep. 27, 2022:

Updated Real-Time Search API. Added definition of company type (startup, investor). Addresses of the company's offices have been added. Added new sources of information collection.

Update Mar. 16, 2022:

Added types of investment funds and stages in which they invest.

Update Dec. 15, 2021:

We have updated the data and added several unique data points. This is the biggest update in the last half of a year. Here are examples 
1. We are now collecting data on the Valuation of startups - Valuation
2. We collect information about the Latest startup activity. You may see startups that have not developed for a long time or that often write press releases - Last activity
3. We have added information about the places of work and live of startup founders - Founders Related Locations
4. We collect links to applications that it develops and launches on different platforms - App store, Google Play and others - Applications
5. Added information on the size of the fund that venture investors collect to invest in startups - Funds Raised

Update Jul. 6, 2021:

We've added a website based company Search API. Company data is collected in real time from all over the Internet. The request consists of a website, and the response contains information about the company name, description, category, logo, links to social pages, contact information, and more.

Update Mar. 22, 2021:

Added information about raised rounds requests, as well as all reference to news about rounds. Added information about requests to API about news: title, description, date, and more.

Update Mar. 11, 2021:

Updated file name and structure in data dump Funding Round Articles and News

Update Nov. 30, 2020:

Added full data dump in csv and json formats

Update Aug. 28, 2020:

Added new parameters to venture funds and startups

Update Jul. 6, 2020:

Added a page with information about working with startups via API.
Added information on working with venture funds.

The Parsers VC API is organized around REST. Our API has predictable resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.