Search organizes company searches based on the website. Company data is collected in real time from all over the web. The request consists of a website, and the response contains information about the company name, description, category, logo, links to social pages, contact information and more.

Request example:

Authorization: Bearer {your-auth-token} or query string parameter

Demo token for authorization (500 requests per month for free):

Example for demo user with token as URI query-string parameter:


We don't recommend it for non demo access, because URI parameters can end up in log files that are not completely secure.

Write to to get a license.

Responce example:

Status 200 OK

    "Id": "3580cc69-e274-40a6-9fad-2d7bfebbd0e2",
    "Name": "Uber",
    "Website": ""

The data response payload contains company data.

Status 204 No Content

The requested data for the company was not found on the website.

Status 404 Not Found

Not found or no access to the requested Website.

When your request does not contain select parameter it returns a set of basic fields by default, as the examples above show. However, you can specify which fields you want returned by using the select parameter and listing each field. This overrides the defaults and returns the fields you specify, and the Id of the object, which is always returned.

Basic Startup properties

Id Startup Id
Name Startup Name
Website Startup Website

Advanced Startup properties


Logo Startup Logo
Description An array of Descriptions collected from various sources
Twitter An array of Twitter pages collected from various sources
Facebook An array of Facebook pages collected from various sources
Instagram An array of Instagram pages collected from various sources
LinkedIn An array of LinkedIn pages collected from various sources
Medium An array of Medium pages collected from various sources
Youtube An array of Youtube pages collected from various sources
Email An array of Emails collected from various sources
AngelList An array of AngelList pages collected from various sources
ProductHunt An array of ProductHunt pages collected from various sources
Location An array of Locations collected from various sources
Phone An array of Phones collected from various sources
FacebookLikes Facebook Likes count
Founded Foundation year
FounderName Startup founder info
TotalRaised Total amount raised across all funding rounds
MembersCount Members count
Tags Venture Fund Category Tags
Authorization: Bearer {your-auth-token} or query string parameter

Success responce:

Status 200 OK

    "Id": "3580cc69-e274-40a6-9fad-2d7bfebbd0e2",
    "Name": "Uber",
    "Logo": "",
    "Description": "Helping millions of people move towards opportunity every day in over 700 cities around the world. #DoorsAreAlwaysOpening"