№3 Big data update Founders Related Locations Parsers VC

Probably the most interesting update that they’ve been working on for over six months is Founders Related Locations. To simplify, the roots of the founders. This is the information in which countries the founders of the startup lived and worked.

It’s no secret that most startups are registered in the “right” countries, not where the startup itself is developed. So it’s hard to find out if a startup has Russian/Belarusian/Ukrainian roots. There’s only one way to find out where the founder lives or lived. You need to know the background of the founders, and that is a separate problem with an asterisk. We solved that problem, and now you can find out a startup’s roots. Now it’s easier for investors to find startups in their regions, even if they are registered in other jurisdictions. Over time we will add more information about the founders.

And so, everything is in the database. You can look at the demo access

P.S. Question for investors. What other information about founders is important when looking for startups and deciding on investments?

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