The Pulse of Startups: A Week in Review

Transforming Health and Biotech

BioCentriq is revolutionizing cell and gene therapy. Based in Newark, NJ, this startup, founded in 2018, specializes in full-service process development and clinical manufacturing for therapies. Their recent activity highlights a significant milestone with a total raise of $29.2 million, advancing their capabilities in manufacturing various therapies, including cell therapies, gene therapies, immunotherapies, and vaccines​​.

In Ohio, Clarametyx Biosciences is taking on life-threatening infections. Their focus is on developing biologic therapies targeting biofilms, a protective barrier around bacteria. Founded in 2020, they’ve made strides with a total funding of $33 million, aiming to pioneer treatments in the preclinical stage​​.

Pioneering Digital Health Solutions

Credo, based in Denver, CO, is a leader in automating patient medical record retrieval. Established in 2021, they’ve raised $5.25 million to innovate healthcare processes. Their digital solution aims to replace outdated fax-based methods, improving patient care by ensuring accurate and complete health records​​.

Advancing Immunology

San Francisco’s HI-Bio is leading a new chapter in clinical immunology. They focus on therapies targeting cellular drivers of immune-mediated diseases. Since its inception in 2021, HI-Bio has raised an impressive $215 million, showcasing their commitment to precision medicine and innovative therapeutic solutions​​.

Enhancing Online Safety

Another San Francisco-based startup, Intrinsic, is on a mission to build safer digital platforms. They provide a unified API for safety technologies, enabling cohesive policy-to-enforcement solutions for Trust & Safety teams. Since 2023, they’ve raised $3.1 million and are poised to make significant contributions to online security and safety​​.

Retail Innovation

From Connecticut, Koree offers a unique shopping experience. Founded in 2022, this startup has raised $200,000 for its application that rewards shoppers with cashback from their favorite merchants. They’re redefining retail engagement and consumer rewards​​.

Redefining Drug Delivery

Liquidia Corporation in Morrisville, NC, is transforming drug development with their PRINT® technology. Founded in 2004, they’ve secured $155 million in funding. This biopharmaceutical company’s technology precisely engineers drug particles, offering solutions to common drug delivery challenges and enhancing patient safety and treatment efficacy​​.

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