Rainforest: Revolutionizing Embedded Financial Services for Software Platforms raises $8.5M

Are you tired of clunky, outdated payment systems in your software platforms? Look no further than Rainforest, the innovative fintech company that’s changing the game with its cutting-edge payments-as-a-service platform (PaaS). With Rainforest, software companies can easily embed financial services and payments into their products, providing a seamless user experience and driving revenue growth.

Founded in 2022 by CEO and founder Joshua Silver, Rainforest is built specifically for software platforms, providing a unique and compelling model that sets it apart from competitors. Unlike traditional payment providers that cater to merchants, Rainforest focuses on software companies, offering low-code integration technology, true merchant portability, and high-touch service. This dedication to serving software platforms has earned Rainforest a reputation as a trusted partner for companies looking to enhance their financial capabilities.

Growth and Investment:
Rainforest has experienced impressive growth since its inception, securing client commitments totaling over $500 million in processing volume. The company’s success has attracted notable investors, including Accel, SVB, and several strategic angel investors. The recent $8.5 million seed funding round led by Accel is testament to the confidence investors have in Rainforest’s vision and potential for growth.

Data Portability and Security:
At Rainforest, data portability and security are top priorities. Unlike many payment providers, Rainforest offers contractual portability, giving clients full control over their data and ensuring that it remains secure. By prioritizing data privacy and security, Rainforest provides peace of mind for its clients and sets itself apart from competitors.

Embedding Financial Services:
With Rainforest, software companies can effortlessly integrate financial services and payments into their products, creating a seamless user experience. Whether it’s healthcare billing, membership management, or retail transactions, Rainforest’s PaaS offers a comprehensive suite of tools to meet the diverse needs of software platforms.

The Future of Fintech:
Joshua Silver, CEO and founder of Rainforest, believes that “payments is the universal language.” By leveraging this belief, Rainforest is poised to revolutionize the fintech landscape, empowering software companies to take control of their financial destinies and drive revenue growth. With its cutting-edge technology and commitment to data security and portability, Rainforest is leading the charge towards a brighter future for fintech.

Rainforest is the go-to solution for software companies seeking to embed financial services and payments into their products. Offering a unique and compelling model, Rainforest is transforming the fintech landscape and setting a new standard for data security and portability. Join the Rainforest community today and discover the power of seamless, integrated financial services for your software platform.

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