Parsers VC Funding News — Weekly on February 20. 47 funding rounds in United States, United Kingdom, Canada etc

Superplastic, ImmunityBio, NanoGraf Corporation, Via, SandboxAQ, Merchant Money, VivaCity, QiO Technologies, SiftMed, Quantum Brilliance, Selfapy, Naked, EuMentis, Lumai, Streamdal, EthonAI, Previa Medical  raised funding rounds last week.

Funding rounds in United States

  • ChargerHelp! Raises $17.5M from Energy Impact Partners, Aligned Climate Capital, Blue Bear Capital  See more
  • Hexagon Bio Raises $77.3M Series B Round  See more
  • Hippo Video: Video CX Platform Raises $8M from Dallas Venture Capital, Kae Capital, Exfinity Venture Partners  See more
  • Raises $10M  See more
  • ImmunityBio, Inc. Raises $50M  See more
  • NanoGraf Corporation Raises $65M Series B Round  See more
  • PBLWorks Raises $2.5M Grant Round  See more
  • Purdue University Raises $50M Grant Round  See more
  • SandboxAQ Raises $500M  See more
  • SIUE School of Engineering Raises $1.05M Grant Round  See more
  • SkillUp Coalition Raises $1.5M Grant Round  See more
  • Smile Identity Raises $20M Series B Round from Commerce Ventures, Future Africa, 500 Startups, CourtsideVC, Latitude, Two Culture Capital, Costanoa Ventures See more
  • Via Raises $110M from Common Fund, 83North, Planven Investments, Exor, RiverPark Ventures, Pitango Venture Capital at $3.5B Valuation  See more
  • Zitti Inc. Raises $3.5M Seed Round from Crossbeam Venture Partners, Serena Ventures, Oceans  See more

Funding rounds in United Kingdom

  • Macmillan Cancer Support Raises $655.7K  See more
  • Merchant Money Raises $139.73M from Quilam Capital  See more
  • OMNIO Raises $9.64M  See more
  • QiO Technologies Raises $10M from WAVE Equity Partners  See more
  • Sikoia Raises $6M Seed Round  See more
  • VivaCity Raises $8.44M from Gresham House Ventures, Foresight Group, EnBW New Ventures  See more
  • We are Beryl Raises $2.41M  See more

Funding rounds in Canada

  • Beauceron Security Raises $3M from CIBC Innovation Banking  See more
  • Goose Insurance Services Inc. Raises $4M from ManchesterStory Group, Impression Ventures, Real Ventures  See more
  • Mineralys Therapeutics Raises $192M IPO Round  See more
  • SiftMed Raises $2.7M Seed Round from Sandpiper Ventures, Pelorus Venture Capital  See more

Funding rounds in Australia

  • Loam Bio Raises $73M Series B Round from Lowercarbon Capital, Acre Venture Partners  See more
  • Quantum Brilliance Raises $26M  See more
  • SwarmFarm Robotics Raises $12M Series A Round  See more


  • Crew Raises $2.3M from Kima Ventures, Rebel Fund  See more
  • Selfapy Raises $7.45M from Think.Health, IBB Ventures, SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH, High-Tech Gr√ºnderfonds  See more
  • LoanTap Financial Technologies Raises $2.9M  See more
  • PhonePe Raises $101.53M at $12B Valuation  See more
  • Oligo Security Raises $28M from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ballistic Ventures Alpha LLC, TLV Partners  See more
  • Curacelai Raises $3M Seed Round from Blue Point Capital Partners LLC, Tencent, Y Combinator, Elefund, Olive Tree Capital, Pioneer Fund (San Francisco) See more
  • Ouranos Technologies Limited Raises $2M  See more
  • Naked  Raises $17M Series B Round from IFC Venture Capital Group  See more
  • EthonAI Raises $6.8M Seed Round  See more
  • Agua Blanca Raises $3.2M from Daphni  See more
  • Cerevance Raises $116M Series B Round  See more
  • EuMentis Raises $40M Series B Round  See more
  • Lumai Raises $1.33M Grant Round  See more
  • MDI Health Raises $20M from Intel Capital, Hanaco Venture Capital, Welltech Ventures,, Maverick Ventures Israel  See more
  • Nefta Raises $5M from SevenX, Sfermion, Play Ventures, Picus Capital  See more
  • Previa Medical Raises $2.25M  See more
  • Streamdal Raises $5.4M Seed Round from Work-Bench, Crosscut Ventures  See more
  • Superplastic Raises $20M from Scribble Ventures, Google, Animoca Brands, Kakao Ventures, Amazon, Craft Ventures, Galaxy Digital Holdings, Day One Ventures, Betaworks See more
  • Uktena Raises $266K  See more

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