Invite to Beta Predictive Investments & Venture Matching

Today we open the beta testing of Predictive Investments & Venture Matching by Parsers VC

We have collected enough data on startups, funds and deals to move on to the next stage of our company’s development. Yes, we planned this for 3 years, but without a lot of quality data, AI cannot be trained well. This is the foundation of the basics. Therefore, we have never used other databases of startups, rounds, etc. Even if you use data from other providers, it still won’t work, because you need HISTORICAL data. In this regard, 3 years ago we ourselves began to collect data directly from startup websites, funds, social networks, media and other sources. More than 1.3 million sources. Each change of address, partners, pivots, number of employees, etc. for the last 3 years is stored with specific dates. Thanks to this, we know the state of the VCs and startup at the time of investment.

Why were we collecting this?

With this data, we were able to train our AI to Predict Investments. Now we already predict 56% of deals in the venture market. This means that for each startup we select 100 VCs for which the startup has the best Investment Attractiveness. The investment attractiveness (IA) of a startup is very different for different funds. If you cannot attract investments, this does not mean that your startup is bad, maybe you are looking in the wrong place.

Of all the rounds over the past month, 56% are invested in exactly those VCs that we have selected for a particular startup. We started with 35% and are growing every week.

What data do we use?

In addition to the obvious categories, stages, amount, startup location, we are currently analyzing more than 10 parameters and plan to add about 30 more. You can influence some qualitative parameters simply by changing the categories or location of a startup on our website, while others, quantitative metrics, we collect independently from analytical sources.

Venture Matching coming soon

Dear founders, we have selected for each startup TOP 100 VCs for which the investment attractiveness of your startup is the best. We invite you to estimate the list of selected funds for your startup.

Fill out the form and we will send a list of VCs for you.

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