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Village Power FinanceClosed
Financing clean energy for communities We help communities finance clean energy. Community organizations everywhere are looking to join the clean energy revolution. Yet, traditional financing, coupled with high transaction costs, make this unachievable for most community buildings. At Village Power, we are changing the paradigm by enabling these organizations (e.g. places of worship, schools, clubs, YMCA?s, HOA?s, etc) to finance solar energy, energy-efficiency and related clean technologies through transparent, local community ?equity crowdfunding?. For communities that cannot raise full project funding, Village Power opens these investment opportunities to individual & institutional investors looking for safe, steady competitive returns in "green assets". There are hundreds of billions of dollars looking for cleaner, sustainable, cash generating assets, and we are one of very few suppliers dedicated exclusively to this new asset class. Start a project today:
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $1M

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