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Location: United States, Illinois, Chicago
Employees: 11-50
Total raised: $43.1M
Founded date: 2001

Investors 5

Funding Rounds 3

27.04.2011Series B$22.6MBaird Capi...

Mentions in press and media 29

26.06.2024This Flexible, AI-Powered Side Hustle Lets a Dad of Four Make $32 an Hour, Plus Tips: 'You Can Make a Substantial Amount of Money' Kyle Heyliger has a lot going on, so he set out to find a source of s...Kyle Heyliger lives in Atlanta, where his wife of twenty years and their four children are the center of his world. "It's all about finding happiness in your day-to-day and doing things that matter," he says, "and for me, it'...
15.02.202332 Ways for Kids to Earn Money in 2023It’s time to talk about how your kids can make money. Why? There is no denying that life with kids can be expensive. Besides wanting the latest (and hottest) items on the market, kids also outgrow things quickly. Furthermore, it teaches you...
19.07.2021Majority of American Parents Feel Overwhelmed, Nearly Half Don't Know Where to Look for SupportSAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) July 19, 2021 After a year and a half of managing the mental load of child care, education and enrichment for children, parents are at their breaking point, according to a new survey of 2,000 American parents of school...
31.05.2021For a quick buck, try babysitting. It’s not for low-paid teens anymoreLooking to earn a fast buck? Consider babysitting. An increasing number of companies are reopening offices and asking employees to show up in person at least part of the time. That leaves parents desperate for child care. After all, many sc...
25.03.2020Chicago Tech Steps Up During CoronavirusAs coronavirus drags on, tech and startup communities across the U.S. are struggling to remain steady. Businesses everywhere are facing unprecedented challenges as they navigate remote work, abruptly changing consumers habits and an unstead...
03.12.2018On-demand childcare startup Poppy shuts down despite building ‘rave-worthy’ service for parentsPoppy founder Avni Patel Thompson. As a Seattle transplant and mother of two young children, finding childcare was a frustrating experience for Avni Patel Thompson — so much so that the entrepreneur set out to create a technology-powered so...
01.02.2018Chicago Inno Approved: February’s Top Tech and Startup EventsHere are our picks for the best networking events, panels and pitch sessions in Chicago for the month of February. If we missed an important or relevant one, let us know at To get event updates in your inbox each day, ...
04.10.2017Bambino app helps parents find babysitters recommended by their neighborsParenting young children involves a lot of logistics, including what to do with them when you need to run a last-minute errand, go to an appointment or just have a few hours to decompress. For parents who don’t have friends or relatives the...
09.03.2016A Comprehensive List of Women Founders In Chicago TechThe tech and startup world has long been a boys club. Despite making up half the population and almost 60% of the labor force, women only account for 30% of the US tech industry. And the number of female startup founders is even lower. Only...
14.09.201510 Chicago VC Firms You Need to Know AboutChicago is usually towards the top of the list when it comes to startup hubs in the United States. It's no surprise that Tech.Co had its first events in that city, (back when we were simply known as Tech Cocktail), providing demo space and ...
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