Scewo was created in 2017 by a former student collaboration project of the universities ETH and ZHdK. We are the only company worldwide to produce a power wheelchair that drives on two wheels and can climb stairs. We want people with limited mobility to independently and flexibly reach places that were previously unreachable. Through the combination of people, design, and technology, we develop lifestyle solutions that take the user even further. With what we do, we make the previously impossible possible. We bring people together and use their expertise to create something great together. Through the interaction of design and technology, we developed a product that stands for boundless freedom and quality of life; Scewo Bro. A wheelchair with an impressive design that can climb and descend stairs. BRO is your reliable companion in everyday life and offers you independence and freedom.
Location: Switzerland, Zurich, Winterthur
Member count: 51-200
Phone: +41 44 500 86 03
Founded date: 2017
Founders name: Thomas Gemperle
Founders Related Locations: Switzerland, Zurich, Winterthur

Investors 4

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