openCurrents is developing the world's first digital currency generated by social action openCurrents is a reward engine for volunteers. It?s a platform that connects volunteers with the business community that values civic engagement. Volunteers earn Currents (utility token) which are used to unlock special discounts and experiences with businesses. It creates a seamless way for a business to connect, acquire and support customers while receiving both user-generated content and tax write-offs for supporting the volunteer community. Users generate Currents by showing proof of work either by getting hours approved from nonprofits admins or sharing their work on social media and getting peer validated. On the grand scale, we propose a new socioeconomic model for funding public good where the private sector values the time its citizens give and the community chooses how much its worth to solve civic issues. The Current will be rolled on to a blockchain once proof of work is proven and when product market fit is proven.
Member count: 1-10