Balloon Stories
Next-gen collaborative social and chat platform Balloon Stories is allows users to easily collaborate and chat with friends on a groundbreaking storytelling and social media platform. All social media platforms today are organized in one way ? by profiles. With this organization of content, there are some limitations. One in particular is the newsfeed experience ? it?s messy and cluttered and the other is that you cannot control what you want to see. So how is Balloon Stories different and better? We organize all the content by conversations and topics, which we call a balloon. These balloons act as visual dynamic folders and you can create a balloon for any of your interests. Several powerful things that you can do on Balloon Stories that you cannot do on any other platforms are: 1. Collaborate on balloons. You can add a member to a balloon and create stories together. 2. Follow/unfollow a balloon, not just a profile 3. Control your privacy by creating private balloons and public balloons.
Member count: 1-10