Openball Sports and Entertainment
Amateur sports competition solution Openball builds the biggest amateur sports network by helping sports tournament organizers to manage their competitions. Our target users are 100k youth sports competition organizers in US. They organize competitions for 57.4M participants, players and parents, in the US. They charge team fees ranging from USD200 to USD1,000. It is time consuming and costly to operate and promote competitions. The organizers have to invest in a website and/or app for information sharing. And there are a lot of tedious tasks like application handling, team fee collection and scheduling. And Openball offers an one-stop solution for organizers to easily manage their games. As we help the organizers, players, coaches, friends and family can be connected and build up a big sports community. Openball will have revenue from team fee commission, referee fee commission, advertisement, sponsorship and online shop. Product demo:
Member count: 1-10