Free Service Networking with More Features ( Taskrabbit) OostaJob is the virtual space where it connects the professional contractors to end users with value-add features. As an end user you can post your house project ( landscaping, plumbing, etc.) online with the capability of posting a video of the project right from your phone. Once a job is posted the website will send the job to approved contractors within 20 mile radius. Contractors can then Bid ( or rebid) on the job within 24 hours. After 24 hours Oostajob will send the quotes to end user to evaluate and select a contractor. Once a contractor is selected based on their rating and pricing the end user can also make an appointment with the contractor through the integrated calendar system. Unlike other providers in the market the service is free for end users and contractors and the number of videos that an end user can post is limitless. Oostajob also offers premium accounts to the contractors where they have a higher chance of getting jobs within a zip code.