About OOSTAJOB OOSTAJOB is the new and innovative App where customers can post a video of the home improvement project online and receive bids from local contractors the next day. With that idea and great management team OOSTAJOB was launched to the market in Aug 2016. OOSTAJOB saves traveling time to the site for the contractors and time for customers describing the same project on the phone over and over. OOSTAJOB is absolutely Free for the end users and the contractors. Company Objectives: As a company we thrive to utilize the technology and ADD VALUE for all of our clients: both end users and Contractors. We also believe in QUALITY OF SERVICE and that why we will work with the highest quality contractors in the market place. We also believe in organic job creation and HELPING SMALL BUSINESSES THRIVE AND GROW. We are growing fast and if we’re not in your community yet we are on our way. Please feel free to write to us. Your feedback matters to us.