A smart, modular, iterative pod that offers parking+ service for bikes and scooters Oonee is a smart, modular pod that provides secure parking for bikes on and scooters on the interior, as well as an operations/storage/charging centers for dockless bike & scootershare. One the exterior, Oonee also provides a compelling set of public space amenity options including ambient lighting, greenery, benches and WiFi. The iconic profile of the structure, combined with the iterative modular interface allows each Oonee to enhance the architectural profile of the surrounding public space. Each pod is built from a set of modular parts, an approach that allows for a free standing structure that can be assembled or removed in under a day. This design approach also allows the pod to be iterated and adjusted during the lifetime of the deployment. Each pod is intended to function within a larger network. Oonee is designed to make micro-mobility easy, fun and convenient for everyone in cities.
Member count: 1-10

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