Shop Together with 2-way Video Chat Oonair is the world?s first video-shopping platform that lets customers shop online together with Facebook friends in real-time. Shoppers can ask for advice and get product recommendations from people they know and trust when they need it: now. Oonair?s ?Share & Buy? technology can be implemented cross-platform, connecting shoppers over smartphones, tablets, or the web simultaneously. Online shopping is finally fun
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $2.411999M

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DateSeriesAmountInvestorsDeal News
04.06.2010-$2.401335M-Oonair Rai...

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25.01.2013Oonair Rai...According to Spanish sources,
11.06.2010More Adult...There’s a popular, but appar...--readwrite....
09.06.2010Oonair Rai...Oonair, a Barcelona,