Problem 1: About 50% of all food that is grown goes to waste before even reaching the customer. It either never leaves the farm because of cosmetic defects or it is thrown out by producers because it was not sold before its use by date. There is no viable way to prevent this. Or is there? Problem 2: About $50b in annual sales are forfeited by small producers and transferred to large food companies because the large companies have access to infrastructure provided by the big retailers and the small producers do not. This infrastructure makes it easier for consumers and businesses to do business with the large companies that have access to this infrastructure through the large supermarkets. This lack of infrastructure is the big $50B problem in small food. Oomami solves these problems and more. Oomami is: - A social network for foodies. Why? Because small producers do not have access to multi million dollar marketing budgets. They need a way for consumers to discover them, connect with them, hear their ongoing story and buy in 1 place. - A marketplace for small food producers. Think of it as the "etsy"​ of food and groceries. Oomami is not a retailer, all products are listed by small farmers and producers who also set their own prices. We think the future of grocery shopping is small producers. - A warehousing an fulfillment service provider (think Amazon). Why? Because customers don't want to purchase from multiple producers and receive multiple deliveries and also pay for them. And because a small ice cream producer in Melbourne can't ship 3 boxes of ice cream to a store in Perth cost effectively, - A marketing and sales platform for small producers that automates their online marketing through Instagram, Facebook and Google and also direct promotions to industry and retailers. - A SAAS system that saves stores and cafes a lot of time and money in book keeping due to lost or missing invoices and lets them go paperless. Voila!
Location: Australia
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $635K