Innovative furniture for future working OOf (Out of Office) will revolutionise the world of work by designing and producing innovative furniture that empowers people to work flexibly with their mobile devices from offices and public spaces. The explosive growth of smartphones, tablets and laptops, in combination with cloud computing makes anywhere-anytime work the new norm for 1.3b mobile workers globally. There is growing demand for new types of spaces where people can work for short periods using their devices with privacy. Our groundbreaking first product is the OOf Box, an acoustically treated, portable space where people can use their mobile devices without being distracted and without disturbing others. With a clients such as Google, Prudential and Gensler, our proposition is proven and we now seek funding to grow our team and product range. Catering to the needs of younger generations OOf products help organizations attract and retain top talent while enhancing entrepreneurial behaviour, engagement and productivity.
Member count: 1-10