Hyperlocal platform for products & services towards home, offices repair & maintenance At Oodleshand, we aim to provide solution to an age old problem of buying products online at best rates; finding reliable handymen for home / office repair & maintenance . We offer application and Web to our customers, to allow them to buy products and to hire professionals like Electrician, Carpenter, Mason, Pest controller, Plumber, Architect, Interior Designer, Gardener, Home Cleaner and required person for other Home Services. We help with on-the-spot price comparison and to save the time by avoiding running around to buy different products. It is quite simple and easiest way to get stuff done around the home and office. Within seconds, anyone can book a pre - approval handyman and order products for any for home / office repair & maintenance. Our greater thrust is on ?Customer-Centricities? by realizing the value of high quality customer-responsive factor.
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