OnPage Corporation Mobile Messaging Solutions. OnPage is the leading provider of Mobile Messaging Management solutions, enabling organizations to leverage their mobile deployment to ensure communication continuity and uninterrupted access to information at all times. Utilizing advanced patent-protected technology, OnPage empowers organizations to transform their mobile communication assets into a ubiquitous platform for continuous and advanced messaging services that enhance organizational responsiveness in day-to-day and at times of an emergency. OnPage Priority Messaging and Smartphone Paging, increase the efficiency and value of corporate mobile communication resources and elevatethe level of awareness of critical information. OnPage Corporation's Mobile Messaging Management solutions are used by over one thousand organizations including many of the leaders in the financial, legal, and healthcare sectors as well as major federal and local government agencies. OnPage partners with select national and local paging services providers, complementary technology companies, and other strategic partners that can add value to our customers through collaboration with our R&D, marketing, and sales organizations. When Communication is of the Essence, You Need OnPage. Communication is the lifeline of your business, in day-to-day and even more so at a time of disaster. Onpage provides Smartphone-based business continuity solutions that ensure uninterrupted communication and access to information at all times. Leveraging OnPage infrastructure, you can also guarantee that high-priority messages get the appropriate attention and response, elevating the level of day-to-day responsiveness throughout your organization. The OnPage service can be augmented with our intuitive IT Alerting System and Secure Messaging System for Healthcare. Both Web-based Management Console systems enables enterprises to initiate and manage their priority communications from a centralized location and follow the status of each message. The systems enables enterprises to create thousands of users within minutes, assign users into groups, as well as create escalation rules for efficient messaging. OnPage eliminates the need to carry multiple devices in order to separate the critical messages from the clutter.
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