Find the friends you haven't met yet! We are living in an epidemic of loneliness. 22% of Millennials report having no friends at all and 43% of Gen-Z report having no meaningful friendships. This is why we built Onny. We are the only social platform that fosters the creation of true friendships. The goal of Onny is to help you create conversations with the people that share your interests, then we help you open the door to shared experiences with your new friends. The opportunity is huge. There are 2.4bn people on social media and the king of these, Facebook is slowly dying. The reasons are vast but at its core, traditional social media platforms are based on superficial or divisive communication while connecting you to the people you already know. So if you're ready to change the way social is done, say hi! Because at Onny, we believe we all have far more in common than we do apart and discovering that starts with hello.
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