Costco Model Finance+Health Membership on Mobile for 3B Asians ONLLIANCE IS INDIA?S & ASEAN'S FIRST CONSUMER MEMBERSHIP BUSINESS ON THE MOBILE WEB DEDICATED TO OPTIMIZING EACH MEMBER?S PURCHASE & ONGOING USE OF FINANCIAL & HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS & SERVICES REGARDING PRICING, BENEFITS, FEATURES, INNOVATIONS. MEMBERS SHARE OUR REVENUES & MARKET CAP. 2.Rather than pocket the hefty insurance commissions as is the practice we share most of them with our our membership. 3.By strength of our network?s reach, we negotiate discounts on exorbitant bank transaction fees and interest rates on remittances and loans, on travel, training-education, fitness, medicines, pathology, hospitals, consumer goods-services. 4.We helph insurance & healthcare providers design new products with ridirect and ongoing consumer inputs, feedback. 5.We provide a stream of smart devices/sensors/apps to members to monitor-analyze their health continually in the cloud. 6.We offer equity at book values to our most loyal customer-members to share our future market successes with them.
Member count: 11-50