Enhancement of internet use, security and conviencence in everyday life Presently the main product we are working on is UniPass, a biometric password manager, which will potentionally change, secure and ease the lives of millions of online users. Upon demystifying what a nextgen password manager is, and why it is a need and not just 'a nice to have', we be able to make great returns. Only a small procentive of even top professionals know about, yet take use of such a service (US). We at Online Beyond see a huge market potential for our UniPass, since similar products out there are erroneous, dunns and planly just bad peices of software. Now you may think what about the browser integrated password managers... It is simple, big security issues, lack of functionality, plus badly converted from one to another platform. Now if this have caused in any way a spark of interest, don't hesitate - but do reach out.
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