Etsy for Social Good with a Twist Onevio brings a wonderful & eclectic collective of like-minded California based fashion brands who truly believe their work can be used as a force for social good. Every month, we select a humanitarian project we would love to support and amazing brands create exclusive apparel to help fund the cause. We fundraise through the sale of various products on our platform so as to maximize our opportunities to create awareness about the cause and our company goals. Every campaign has clear milestones and objectives you can easily track & follow through various social outlets. Are we profitable? 5-7-10. On a positive note we would be profitable in 5 months, realistically it's in 7 and negatively speaking it would be in 10. The reason why it is not long until profitability kicks in is because we have streamlined the entire process from having brands sign up to selling their merchandise.
Member count: 1-10