Revolutionize the way you trade phones Onestopmobile is a brand new mobile phone marketplace which allows consumers to trade mobile phones with increased security, transparency and convenience. Secure 1) Listed mobile phones are required to meet stringent checks; IMEI is screened, photos and condition of mobile phones are verified with specified criteria before listing becomes live 2) Only mobile phones which are fully functional and free of screen cracks are allowed to be listed. Moreover, all mobile phones must include a battery and working charger. Transparent 1) Detailed condition of mobile phones made known to buyers before purchase; sellers are required to upload a specified set of photos 2) Transparent bidding process; Bid prices shown clearly next to mobile phone listings 3) Standardized condition of mobile phones for sale Convenient 1) Comprehensive preset details of mobile phones 2) Key specifications of mobile phones shown next to listings 3) Automated email notifications to both buyers and sellers