Onero Services Private
analytics simplified Plug and Play business analytics for small and medium enterprises built on open source and published on an OS agnostic environment. Complete business and operations health near time and one the move. Customers are SME's having proprietary enterprise and/or custom applications to manage their day to day operations. But having the right resources, equipment, infrastructure doesnot promise deliveries and service levels at optimal cost and efficiencies. Our production and operations monitoring system - POMS allows a device layer to take key inputs from devices like biometric, RFID, bar-code, GPS etc and from existing applications to publish various production line monitors. Other dashboards include capacity (resources and efficiencies), performance, quality/ yield, customer order status, production order status etc are published. These dashboards can be viewed on any OS like android, iOS, windows etc Complet visibility with "power of information" in customers hands that too "near time"
Member count: 1-10