About Us Strategy, Design, Technology, Marketing, and Support. One Rockwell is a full-service ecommerce agency that partners with brands to connect them to the online marketplace with their unique aesthetic and voice, an effective strategy, and the right tools for growth. We understand the power of connecting. One Rockwell knows that brands must engage their customers at every level while maintaining their core identity. We know that the best sites are ones that provide incrediblebrand extension, marketing opportunities and a vehicle to communicate directly with customers. We make the process of going digital simple by offering valuable inside knowledge with a step-by-step blueprint for growth. We know online branding and retail. One Rockwell’s management team includes the industry’s best talent. We are knowledgeable of the trends and experts in patterning the competitive landscape. We use consumer insight and research to inform our decisions when creating and extending brands online. Our sites stay relevant by stepping ahead of the curve and balancing flawless execution with an engaging experience. We deliver innovative solutions for our clients. One Rockwell brings together the best technology solutions to drive your business forward and increase conversion. We believe in building solutions that best support ourclient’s needs and expand as their business grows. In the fast paced world of technology, we will keep you informed of the latest innovations and will always deliver an experience that is open, transparent and easy. We love the creative process and designing beautiful sites is our passion. One Rockwell believes in building sites that look good, are shopping centric, and function great. Our design philosophy focuses on fully understanding your brand from the beginning and then re-imagining it within the online marketplace. We don’t consider any partnership a success until the site becomes a revenue-generating extension of your brand. We believe in keeping it fresh. One Rockwell creates dynamic content that tells the story of your brand. We work with your team to develop keyword-rich, SEO language and captivating visual elements that areinteractive, consistent and branded. We understand that new editorial content not only keeps your site interesting but will drive traffic and increase conversion. The end result? Loyal engaged customers and an overall improvement to your bottom line.
Location: United States, New York
Member count: 51-200
Phone: +1 212-226-5436
Founded date: 2010