Clean-up the planet! One+One is a simple mobile and web app that can be used by anyone and everywhere to clean-up the environment. - Users download the free application and logged in with their social network credentials (Facebook, Twitter) to post trash pictures including data (name of the trash i.e. bottle, material i.e. plastic, brand, quantity), - Users can share their clean-up actions or request for help to remove larger trash (i.e. tires, junk car?). Premium members receive help request to perform clean-up action close to their location and notify users once the clean-up is done. One+One combines real time data and connection to social networks to engage and provide full transparency on environmental actions to its users. By using the data collected, One+One creates live metrics allowing users to see their impact against others on the cleanerboard. Our goal is to enable users to do more for the environment and create awareness about littering with meaningful data and infographics.
Member count: 1-10
Phone: 3147161