Never pay cellular roaming fees again onePHONE is a free mobile App for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile that allows you to travel internationally with your home mobile phone and receive incoming voice calls, text messages and voice mail notifications placed to your home mobile number without incurring any roaming fees. onePHONE eliminates the need to have multiple mobile phones or SIM cards for foreign destinations. Calls made to your home mobile number follow you wherever you are. Our intiutive App design and functionality, combined with our Proprietary Media Gateway, delivers your calls and text messages over the incumbent cellular carrier of the country your visiting, so no Wi-Fi or special data service is required. onePHONE also lets you make outbound calls while in foreign destinations, and your home mobile number appears on the Caller ID screen of the person you are calling. No more missed calls or confusion over multiple SIM phone numbers!
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