LinkedIn meets Angie's List with a Healthcare Twist One Pass Access is a suite of software solutions created with healthcare and the people that do business in healthcare in mind. Vendor credentialing and tracking of vendors has become more and more important, as the idea of dangers coming into the hospital becomes more real. There are many "me too" credentialing systems out there that create redundant checks, needless spend, service delivery interruptions and a disconnect between the individual sales or service rep and the company they work for. The process today starts with a vendor wants to do business with a healthcare organization and in order to do business their individual rep goes to request a VCO account through the hospital's selected VCO. The vendor rep then provides documentation that is requested by the hospital on corporate letter head. The VCO checks only for accuracy and completeness. The VCO does do primary source verification. The vendor rep then has complete control of the profile even if they leave the company.
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