Talent Analytics Accelerator One Model is a talent analytics accelerator for Human Resources departments that enables them to effectively measure the entire workforce. Our focus is on the data, how to extract, manage, and position it to support reporting, analytics, planning, and integration. Our software automates these processes from all of a companies data sources into One Model. HR specific data models describe the entire workforce and allow disparate sources to be brought together as if they were the same source. Our models provide a standardization and cleansing process allowing us to deliver analytics, and benchmarking to our customer base. Analytics are delivered with an extensive metrics catalogue and distributed to users with intuitive dashboards and adhoc data discovery tools. In a matter of hours we deliver a capability that would take years for a company to build internally. The product has been built to flexibly accept any data and model allowing for expansion beyond HR.
Location: United States, San Antonio
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $118K

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