Crowdsource THAT perfect tagline PRODUCT HUNT: #1 Product of the day (May '15) Turn ordinary, boring taglines into finely crafted masterpieces. Everyone knows about the need for a fresh pair of eyes! Oneliners offers exactly that when you need that perfect, striking tagline for your project that sums it all up. - Post your project brief on, presenting your ideas and objectives. - Set a reward and see the suggestions come in. - Fans will be competing to find you the best tagline or hashtag, boosted by the rewards they can get through - The author of the winning one-liner receives a monetary reward. A separate prize draw also rewards one of the fans that shares your oneliner request on their social networks/Instagram. - Your tagline, motto or hashtag is born! That perfect oneline of text crafted by the very crowd you communicate with. The big bonus: your fan base is now buzzing around your project! Perfect timing to use your brand new oneliner on them!
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