One Life Brewing Company
American contract brewer in Europe Ty Stevenson, A brewer from California, wanted to start a brewery in Spain after only having brewed for about 3 years at the time. Over the span of 1 year he wrote a business plan, found investors, moved out to Spain on a whim 8 months later after having received his yoga certification in India, and decided the easiest way to move to Europe and get a visa was through The Netherlands. So he packed his backpack up, and moved close to Amsterdam. Within 3 months he had a BV (LLC) named One Life Brewing based out of Netherlands. He will be brewing beer all over Europe and eventually the world selling these American Style Craft Beers to the beer enthusiasts. We all have One Life, go live it, preferably with a good beer in your hand ;) Contact Ty at for more info.
Member count: 1-10