Social-messaging for global unity We are in the process of developing a mobile application focused on facilitating synchronized meditation, prayer and social action as the creative backdrop to an encrypted social-messaging service; integrating the spirit of global unity into daily digital life and addressing some of our worlds most pressing issues. The markets of mindfulness, spirituality and social activism have much in common and represent a large and growing global concern. Its time for the world's agents of change to envision a consumer software that celebrates and amplifies their efforts. One Kind Mind is a vision beyond the 'face'books and 'twit'ters of the world; a vision to serve the world's agents of change in their mission of peace, freedom and justice. We are collaborating in its production with The Elijah Interfaith Institute and their leaders. Our native coded beta application will be ready by January 2018 and we hope to reach the app marketplaces by spring 2018.