The eHarmony for gays and lesbians. Proprietary Personality Test by gay PhD is an online dating site created specifically to serve the relationship-minded gay and lesbian community. A gay and lesbian eHarmony. Our site matching algorithm is based on a proprietary personality profile test that uses images to quickly guide users through a relationship discovery process. It is the only all image based test and was created by the same gay PhD who created and Yahoo Personals first personality tests. In addition, asks profile questions pertinent to the LGBT community that other "mainstream" sites do not ask therefore providing a better matching system and user experience This matching criteria includes questions like HIV status, sexual compatibility and other community sensitive questions. Lastly, our service allows members whom are not publicly out to unveil their profiles out of ghost mode to profiles they do not know. Our VIP membership ($44.95) allows non-subscribing members to communicate back for free.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $550K

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