Ware For Good We want to change the way we make, use and dispose of ALL apparel and textiles in the world. We believe in making everything responsibly, reusable, recyclable. TEAM deb (business) and ramon (architect) - designers at a major NYC based apparel and lifestyle brand - 15+ years experience OVERVIEW affordable, easy-care everyday essentials (socks, basic tees, underwear) for everyone made from sustainable materials that can be recycled MARKET OPPORTUNITY Everyone, affordable, essentials VALUE feeling good by buying good at an equal price. CHALLENGE we spend a lot of resources to use unsustainable raw materials to make apparel we seldom wear and frequently dispose. PROPOSITION use sustainable raw materials (yarn from recycled plastic, recycled cotton, recycled nylon) to make responsible apparel we can recycle into conscientious ware, that is in itself also recyclable. Goal is for it to never end up in a landfill. MISSION change the way we make, use, reuse. be aware of what ware we wear.