NEC OncoImmunity AS

NEC OncoImmunity AS
OncoImmunity AS is a Norwegian company established to develop bioinformatics software that has the ability to empower precision cancer immunotherapy, and thus improve the outlook for patients with late-stage disease. We develop machine-learning methods, accessible online, applied to genomics data for tumor immune profiling. The company has just successfully completed a funding round and has attracted significant investment from both life science and software investors. The company’s first software product offering will select optimal patients to be assigned to cancer immunotherapy clinical trials. In addition the software can identify mutated peptides in cancer with potential for patient monitoring, companion diagnostics and can be used to develop more personalized cancer immunotherapies. The company is located in the dynamic Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park, which is home to a synergistic ecosystem of organizations that include the Cancer Registry of Norway, the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator, the Institute for Medical Informatics and Pathology and a mix of local biotech and global pharma companies.
Location: Norway, Oslo
Member count: 11-50

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