OMYEN (new name on the way)
Technology for better money management during retirement We're working on a Turnkey Retirement Platform that will have customer specific solution for low cost/better return automated money management, tax-optimized withdrawals, maximized Social Security benefits, and budgeting for all expenses including healthcare. This digital advisory solution will manage people's finances on a monthly basis. It will put more money in the pocket of millions of people and give them financial clarity and a better life during retirement. Consider it to be the "Turbo Tax" for retirement. We have used B2B2C model to target individual financial advisers as customers to use our proprietary technology for Social Security maximization, lifetime healthcare cost estimation, and financial health checkup and planning. Going forward, we're positioning our business to go direct to consumers. We're targeting 50 million middle class consumers in 55-75 age group who have ~$10 Trillion in retirement money. Currently located in San Diego but open to a move to Bay Area.