Omega Point Research, Inc.
Adaptive Portfolio Intelligence The $79 trillion global institutional asset management industry is at a crossroads. The 9 year bull market has benefited many, but asset complexity and market turmoil are increasingly impacting household and retirement savings of hundreds of millions of people, as well as pension plans and endowments that many rely on. Experts forecast that the next major market dislocation may dwarf the Financial Crisis. Tech inertia is rampant with most portfolio systems > 20 years old, a time when computing power rose 1000x & storage costs declined 500x. Quants and passive funds (index-based) have taken large inflows from discretionary funds (stock pickers)- which comprise most firms and assets. In this new volatile environment, no segment is immune. Omega Point's visual dashboard, Developer Platform, and AI-based insights are used across all types of participants to power a new class of active and passive strategies that create better, bullet-proof portfolios, ultimately benefiting all investors.