Self-healing software, AI + analytics, for unrivaled connected experiences Omny IQ is collaborative, self-healing software - using situational awareness, machine learning and prescriptive analytics - that redefines how connected devices and IOT get designed, developed and deployed. For more than 100 years, consumer product companies thrived through ?planned obsolescence.? This method to artificially limit a product?s lifespan and win repeat purchases has become a race to the bottom for consumer electronics companies. The challenge over the next 100 years is to fulfill the hearts and memories of consumers in the age of the ?experience economy.? Deployed by large device companies and broadband service providers, the Omny IQ Preventive Care application allows businesses to readily identify and resolve connected-experience problems in their installed base. Companies can rely on Omny IQ to manifest people?s increasing desire for gratifying, stress-free, and glitch-free connected experiences; thereby, earn greater customer loyalty and healthier financial returns.
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