OMNI Retail Group
Think of us as Endeca 2.0 (Oracle bought Endeca for $1B) Many shoppers find online shopping exasperating because they're not product experts. For example, buying an air conditioner is frustrating unless you understand BTUs. Overly broad or inaccurate search results and inaccurate or inconsistent product data only make matters worse. Sidekick is an explicit personalization engine that provides retailers and manufacturers who sell direct with persona-specific, usage-based discovery experiences, made possible by proprietary contextual & semantic product data and goal-driven selection models. Customers can also subscribe to our data API to improve search, faceting, and compare pages. Our curated categories comprise the world?s most richly attributed, usage-based product database for hard to shop product categories. Sidekick reduces clicks, time, and frustration, and increases revenue per visit by over 20%. Sidekick includes fully responsive versions for online & smartphones, sales associate devices, in-store kiosks, and call centers.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $1.8M

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