Omni Entertainment / Talentzville
Real Artist Development via SM-Gaming Talentzville is a game where an individual, the player, works with their friends, family and other players to achieve different levels in the game. They also want to reach various goals [i.e. club dj/owner, radio dj/owner, street team marketer/owner, etc.] so that they can earn plaques, and even start their own record label. This application has the potential to be one of the most popular games ever released. This game is where an individual needs to take responsibility for the musical content and property that they gain or they will lose it to foreclosure, auction or bankruptcy. Talentzville is a combination of individual and/or collaborative works with friends, family and others to obtain ?Platinum, Gold or Silver? rankings by acquiring, producing, marketing and/or promoting musical content [in particular record sales] while trying to expand their record label to the highest level, to earn a joint venture deal or buyout from the Major Label.