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Omnicore - Digital Marketing Agency
Last activity: 21.03.2023
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We live in fast-moving technical industry, where the pace of change can sometimes be overwhelming for companies struggling to keep up. Luckily, we like to move swiftly with the times. That way our clients can be assured of up-to-date digital solutions to tomorrow’s challenges. We obsess over data. We treasure it. We crunch the numbers, constantly pushing for advantageous positions in the digital marketplace by applying utmost intelligence to optimization. And we achieve positive results via an intuitive synthesis of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization and Digital Design services.

Join us on our journey and you can expect a results-oriented approach that cuts a clear path through the digital detritus. We are a responsive and dynamic digital agency. We have the multi-disciplinary expertise and tech know-how to make you stand out from the crowd – and reap the benefits.
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21.03.2023Mastodon tops 10 million usersMastodon, the federated social media platform, notched up its 10 millionth account over the weekend. Launched in October 2016 by German developer Eugen Rochko, who remains Mastodon's only paid employee, for years the platform bumped along w...
09.06.2022How B2B Brands Can Find Success With Short-Form VideoFounder and Principal of Scratch Marketing + Media.
02.02.2022Как использовать Pinterest для продвижения бизнесаПо состоянию на конец 2021 года Pinterest занимает 14 место среди социальных сетей по числу посещений — около 460 млн ежемесячных активных пользователей. Рекламный охват Pinterest не менее широк. Он позволяет охватить аудиторию более 200 мл...
28.01.2022Meltwater N : 70+ Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2022As a marketer, using social media strategically offers great opportunities for rapid growth. Because these platforms reach so many consumers today, marketers can use them to generate leads, create brand awareness, gather useful data about t...
12.01.2022Короткий рекламный видеоролик для бизнеса: 5 принципов созданияПользователям достаточно всего двух секунд, чтобы принять решение, просматривать ли видеоролик до конца. И в среднем длина роликов, которые мы используем в рамках кампаний и о которых пойдет речь в статье, составляет от 5 до 15 секунд. Сохр...
30.12.2021Привлечь первые 100 тысяч пользователей в приложение без аналогов на рынке: что для этого нужно?Три кита growth hacking Когда мы говорим о быстром привлечении большой массы аудитории в новый сервис или продукт, мы говорим о growth hacking. Мы рассмотрим 3 ключевых составляющих, позволивших нашему проекту успешно реализовать этап созда...
06.12.2021HubSpot : Social Media Demographics for Marketers in 2022I get it, fellow marketers -sometimes, you just need the numbers. The new year means a lot of things: new life changes, new opportunities, chances to change lives, and, for marketers, new campaigns to plan. The juggernaut known as social me...
26.10.2021PayPal denies Pinterest acquisition plans, avoids ever-tightening regulatory scrutiny on Big Tech mergersThe news: PayPal announced Monday that the potential $45 billion deal to acquire Pinterest wasn’t happening, per Reuters. If it had gone through, it would have been the biggest acquisition of a social media company in the past decade, surpa...
02.10.2021Social Commerce: What It Is & How to Use It in 2021Recently, I set an iPhone time limit on my social media use to "45 minutes". I figured 45 minutes would be more than enough. Almost an hour? In between working at HubSpot, catching up with friends, and attending exercise classes, ...
27.08.2021Here is how Indian YouTubers are becoming victims to extortionSeveral YouTubers have taken to Twitter to highlight the series of strikes they have faced over the last month. People aware of the matter suggest that there were always instances of extortion on YouTube, but this time it is more organised....
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