Waste to energy systems: clean, renewable, economical The Artis System from Omni BioEnergy converts organic waste streams into energy-generating gas (Syngas) and a carbon sequestering soil amendment (Biochar). The Artis process generates no emissions and Syngas can be used to generate electricity. The Artis is deployed in modular designs from 100 kW to 500 kW that can be combined for larger scale requirements. Artis systems are applicable to the AB InBev Carbon Action Challenge with ripple effects in both Waste to Wellbeing and Farm X. Our customer is any company or community with a process that creates an organic waste stream with no higher value use, from brewing co-product to consumer plastics. Omni's Artis system may be configured to further refine the Syngas employing ?Hydrogen Scrubbing?, producing 99.999% pure hydrogen which can be stored in pressurized tanks to be used as needed.
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