OmniBazaar is developing the first and only business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) Internet marketplace to allow users to buy and sell directly among themselves, anonymously, using cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin), through a peer-to-peer network rather than via a central server. OmniBazaar will extend the distributed network systems of the Internet and cryptocurrencies, to achieve a distributed, peer-to-peer, free-market system and marketplace on the Internet. Instead of shopping at centralized sites like eBay and Amazon, individual users and small businesses will be able to trade among themselves, privately, using a peer-to-peer network that cannot be disrupted by disabling any one or more specific servers or nodes. This technology has the potential to be revolutionary and disruptive for existing centralized online commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon, by further democratizing the flow of goods and services, by allowing e-commerce to be conducted privately, and by reducing the fees paid by online buyers and sellers. Individuals and small businesses will transact business among themselves using a free version of the OmniBazaar software to list and shop for products and services. Users will pay no fees to join the marketplace, no fees to shop or to post listings, and no monthly or annual membership fees.
Location: United States, Florida, Clearwater
Member count: 11-50
Total raised: $300K
Founded date: 2013