Outdoor experiences led by local experts Ombu is an online marketplace that enables outdoor tour guides to organize, lead and sell their own experiences. Customers, on the other hand, can discover well-planned, authentic outdoor experiences with an experienced guide, for a fraction of what it would cost with a traditional tour company. With Ombu?s technology, data, and marketing supporting them, guides can easily and profitably create high-quality outdoor experiences. Customers, on the other hand, can see guide ratings, create their own adventure profiles, and share content through the Ombu platform. By combining technology and a marketplace business model, Ombu creates a direct-to-guide model that bypasses the traditional, inefficient tour operator model. Unlike tour guiding companies, Ombu experiences are authentic, easy to book, and costs up to 80% less. In addition, Ombu focuses on authenticity - think making s?mores around a campfire with friends and locals, not packed into a bus filled with a hundred tourists.
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